Closet Confidential

We carefully review all of your clothes, shoes, undergarments and jewelry. It is a very energetic and interactive process. We have you try on existing pieces and assess what’s good, what needs alterations, what can be stored, what should be donated and areas we can do better. Then we’ll organize your closet to make it easy to “shop” from home and style outfits from there. Finally, we note what holes you have to fill. And, based on your budget, prioritize our shopping.

Average time: 2-3 hours

Shop & Spoil

What makes our shopping experience so rewarding … we take you to a variety of shops (unlike a traditional in-store personal shopping approach). You’ll never deal with a pushy salesperson again. We tell you if something is working or not (say goodbye to orphan pieces and buyer’s remorse). Also, we offer free returns — if it’s in your closet and you’re not wearing it, it goes back. It’s that simple.


The best part? This can be done together or in your home. If we go shopping together, you’re in for the ultimate pampering session.


Shopping Together

Our stylists pre-shop several stores beforehand. We whisk you into fitting rooms brimming with beautiful garments. There is no waiting in line to pay, hanging up clothes, carrying bags or talking to salespeople. An assistant takes care of all the details, so your time is used very efficiently. Some of our favorite retailers will even stay open late so you can shop celebrity style.


At the end of the day, we review our purchases and make the appropriate edits, filling your trunk with the perfect finds. We don’t like to buy too much, though — you don’t need a lot of clothes, just the right clothes.


This is a one-of-a-kind experience! You are made to feel like the royalty you are. Clients have told us that they have not felt this way since their wedding day. It is ALL ABOUT YOU.


Average time: 3-8 hours


Shopping At Home

If you don’t have the time or inclination to shop, why not let us bring the finest stores into your home where you can model apparel selected just for you from the comfort of your closet. Whatever you don’t like, we take back with us (surcharge of $195 applies for in-home shopping).


Average time: 5-8 hours (including shopping)


One of our most special and coveted services is our “LookBook” — your own photo fashion spread of outfits in your closet. Our clients find this to be an invaluable resource. All you do is flip through the book and pick a complete outfit (we style from head-to-toe). It’s also a great source of inspiration, refreshing you on how to pair different pieces together.


We come to your home and photograph 10-20 outfits for various occasions. Each item is meticulously described with tips on how best to pull off the look. We print the images into a handheld photo album (also available online) or download to a style app that you can view on your phone.


Sample LookBooks:  Male  |  Female


Do you live outside of the D-FW area? Are you too busy trotting the globe? No problem. Set up a virtual style session via Skype or FaceTime. We offer the exact same closet curating services and ship new pieces to round out your wardrobe (free returns!). We can help you nail one special look for that deal-making appointment or completely overhaul your style. It’s online shopping only for you.


What’s more fun than fashion and friends? From seasonal trend workshops at local boutiques to parties with fashion as the main entree, Buy Request is every women’s little black dress. When style is on the menu, let Nancy K. give you the skinny on what every women needs in her closet, what’s trending for the current season and her go-to tricks for always looking your best (in fabulous shoes of course!). 


Seasonal Trend Presentations

Be in the know with exclusive fashion presentations at local stores and snag not only of-the-moment fashion tips, but discounts as well.



You provide the bevies and bites and we’ll bring the skinny to dressing savvy every season. Parties can be hosted in your home or venue of choice — the only prerequisite is a group gathered to go gaga over the latest fashion finds.

Exclusive Benefits

Not only do we pamper you with our styling talents, you gain access to a wealth of insider services, such as VIP fittings, travel packing, seasonal e-letters chock-full of tips and deals, access to our little black book of beauty and wellness gurus, hard-to-find vintage sources and complimentary “what do I wear” text advice from Nancy!



Fitting your clothes to you and your body is critical. On-site tailoring is available, as well as VIP access with our tailor shop.


Travel Packing

Going on a trip and not sure what to pack? Leave the details to us. We will style and pack your suitcase for business or personal trips — all you need to worry about is your boarding pass. The LookBook also enables you to do this on your own.



All clients receive elite access to of-the-moment fashion, beauty and health advice.


Ask Nancy K.

Complimentary & quick “what do I wear” questions answered via email (24 hour turnaround time guaranteed).


Deals & Steals

Timely announcements of great deals and steals or hot, coveted items spotted by our stylists. These are hurry, get-it-now-or-you’ll-miss it tips!


Insider Referrals

Naturally, since we work in the fashion business, we mix and mingle with other proprietors of beauty and wellness. We only refer other businesses that we feel strongly about. All clients have access to premier referrals for plastic surgeons, hair colorists, dermatologists, estheticians, tailors, dry cleaners and more.


Vintage Vantage

Designers look to the past for inspiration — why not you? Test the trends without breaking the bank. Vintage clothing is a wonderful way to tap into all that’s new. For instance, we scored a 1940’s ball gown for one of our clients who wore it to the Crystal Charity Ball (price: $265; stares she got: priceless).


We work with select vintage dealers, who open their studios only to Buy Request and its clients. We will guide you to the perfect buy. We also can help you sell your vintage pieces.

Just For Men

We know what you are thinking: Too busy. Too Expensive. Can’t my wife, girlfriend, partner or salesperson do this?


Wardrobe styling is a unique skill. We connect you to an inner circle of retail contacts who we have honed throughout many years of experience. You set the budget and we stick to it.


And, the best part: closet review only takes approximately 30 minutes in which we have you try on key pieces. We also take your measurements and expertly select clothing that fits your body type and lifestyle.


We can start from scratch — give your look a complete overhaul — or simply polish your existing style. Together we will help you put your best foot forward. Literally. We’ll also evaluate your shoes — decide what stays and where you need to fill in the gaps — and we’ll arrange for a round trip to our expert cobbler for any repairs.


Trust me. Your significant other will be happy with the results (and we can help them too!).

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