Postmortem Packing

Postmortem Packing

What I ended up actually wearing on my trip

Suitcase was expandable but it got very heavy very fast

I schlepped my luggage to two countries by way of  13 train rides, 5 ferry boats, 5 plane rides, 4 bus transfers and HUNDREDS OF STAIRS. UP.

The takeaway from this trip:

I packed WAY TOO MUCH.  My multiple outfit changes didn’t materialize and I ended up being more casual ( albeit “chic casual”) than I thought I would be.  It was so hot in Italy and Spain.  Only the men were wearing denim – white or otherwise. Shorts and dresses were the staples.  Dresses are the key to the perfect travel wardrobe.  On my to do list – Curate a selection of perfect travel dresses!

Just like my closet at home, I found my favorites from what I packed and gravitated pretty much just to those items.   I also purchased quite a bit during my travels which contributed to the bursting at the seams condition of my luggage.  I could not resist the clothes in Italy and Spain.  It was way more fun to shop and wear new stuff than wear what I brought.  Duh.  It doesn’t take a trip abroad to realize that;)

I ended up sending two boxes of clothes and shoes back to Dallas.   Even if I don’t buy new clothes to wear, I will pack much more lean for the Getaway Girls trip next year.

These are the new dresses that took me out to dinner, on numerous tours and got me thru 109 degree days without wilting.

Bought this in Positano. LOVE the style. I brought back several to sell.
One of my favs. I think I wore this one the most. SO COMFORTABLE. Like wearing a scarf for a dress.
I enjoyed wearing this although I ended up giving it to my sister in Barcelona. She loved it.
Same dress, different color. Picked this one up in Spain.
This dress was a life saver on the hottest of days.
My vintage dress find from Siena. LOVED putting it on. I felt like a "Jet Set" kind of girl when I wore it. It was PERFECT for Capri.
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