Getting around Firenze

Getting around Firenze

Getaway Girl Gets Going!

For those of you not  following me on FB or instagram, a quick update:

My luggage went MIA for three days. It finally arrived on Sunday.  I was guilty of committing the cardinal sin of not packing something to wear for the the next day OR YOUR MAKEUP in your carry-on in case your luggage gets lost.  I had so many toiletries to pack, there was no room in my carry-on for anything else! Note to self: I CAN live without my special shampoo, facial cleanser and curly girl hair care products. (well, maybe not that last one)

I was fortunate enough to have an angel as my Italian liaison here in Florence.  Cristina, who is helping me plan the 2018 Girlfriends Shopping Getaway met me on Friday morning and brought me three dresses.  I must confess, I did feel quite “Italiano” wearing her dresses with my silver lug sole loafers.   Talk about “just throwing something on!”

With my luggage still MIA, I was feeling a little sorry for myself so I took a trip  to The Mall on Saturday.  ( It took me almost an hour to figure out how to get to the bus station but I did it!!!) It is an incredible outlet mall just outside of Florence with every designer name you can think of and more.  I scored a pair of fab Fendi sandals for half price.  Unfortunately, I had to cut my shopping spree short because I received the text that my luggage was in the hands of the courier to be delivered.  This being Italy, there is no number to call to ask WHEN is courier going to deliver your luggage….  I couldn’t take any chances of missing the delivery window.  I will return to scour the racks at least once more before I leave Florence.  The Mall is DEFINITELY on the schedule for the 2018 shopping trip.

All my clothes have come home to roost.;)
All my clothes have come home to roost.;)
My first find of the trip.  Fendi sandals at half price from the Outlet mall.
My first find of the trip. Fendi sandals at half price from the Outlet mall.

I still cannot believe that I am here! I am living in a charming apartment in the heart of the city. I have fabulous neighbors – Ferragmao, Sergio Rossi, Prada…  It is pretty darn amazing.  The crowds though are incredible!  There are THRONGS of tourists most everywhere you turn.  Imagine being in the audience of the U2 concert every time you walk out the door.  It is cuckoo!!  Plus, cars and taxis and motorbikes and horse drawn carriages trying to navigate the narrow streets.  I pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to my surroundings when I am out and about.

I have fallen in love with the “Apertivo” custom or as they say in Italy Compari o’clock.  It starts around 5:30ish and goes till about 9ish when leave to go eat dinner.  You get these terrific treats with your drink – cheese, olives, potato chips, bruschetta.  It totally makes paying $12-$15 for a glass a wine palatable.

If you go to the small little “Mom & Pop” places, the wine and food are cheap and fabulous.  I have the names of several places to try this week.

I had my first Girlfriend Getaway Shopping appointment today.  Two of my clients told me about this store that does custom shoes – flats and sandals, wedges and booties with low heels.  Their shop is five doors down from my flat.  Love when that happens!  I met with the owners – Nicole and Sam.  They have 35 different styles you can totally customize.  I tried on almost all of them and I am here to tell you COMFORT AND FASHION DOES EXIST.  I am ordering a pair of mules.  I go back next week to detail them.  I’ll post the entire process.  Here is a sneak peak:

They even do true atelier custom for anyone with very narrow (you know who you are) or other hard to fit feet.

My neighbor. This is my idea of a convenience store;)
GORGEOUS leathers in every color of the rainbow. PLUS, metallics, calf hair, patent, suede, etc, etc, etc.
Let's have a shoe party!
Apertivo time!
So Many Choices!
As seen in the parade to celebrate the Patron saint of Florence. I guarantee, this look will show up on the Marc Jacobs runway sooner than later!
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