SUMMER 2018!

Then its off to DUBLIN for 4 nights
From DBULIN, I travel to LONDON for 3 weeks.
After LONDON, it is off to GREECE for 10 days of R&R

Has if been almost a year since I left for Italy??  Turns out my trip last year was quite fruitful.  I did all the research I needed to do to create my ONE-OF-A-KIND Shopping Tour in Florence for 6 lucky Getaway Girls. ( BTW, I will take up to 8 on this tour so if you haven’t made your summer plans yet, there is still time to become an official GETAWAY GIRL)  Text 214.725.9527 or email for more details on how to make your shopping dreams a reality.

Tenni and I leave on JUNE 12 for FLORENCE.  EEK! It’s right around the corner! We have plenty to do prior to everyone’s arrival on June 20 when we begin to shop till we drop.  Departure day for the group is June 25.  I will stay in Florence until June 29 to clean up loose ends and then I begin my NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!  I’ll be flying solo so in addition to shopping discoveries, expect dating updates.

From Florence I visit Dublin for a 4 fun filled nights.  I am meeting Porshe Guy there.  You all remember him from last year?  Turns out we were better friends than lovers.  As a matter of fact, we were terrific travel companions and have since become great friends since taking that trip to Spain together last year. Life is full of surprises!

Then it’s off to London.  I have a flat in Chelsea for three weeks.  SO EXCITED! I really enjoyed staying in one place for an extended period of time hence the reason for three weeks in London.  In addition to scouring the town for fashion, I will be listening to great music and taking in the theater.  Perhaps Meghan, Kate and I will meet for tea…

While based in London, I will be taking a side trip to Paris to explore the flea markets and vintage stores as well as source new product to bring back to all my Buy Request girls.  I may take other side trips.  No official plans, gonna just wing it.  I know, right? Me wing it???!  It’s a whole new Nancy K….

After London, I head to Greece.  I have Air BNB’s on two different islands.  Reythmo and Santorini.  Again, more shopping, cooking classes, relaxing on the beach and perhaps some dating. ( some things never change…)


I return to Dallas on August 3.

I will be making a blog post on packing for this trip.  I learned my lesson last year and this year will be MINIMAL.  Stay tuned!

Please follow me on my journey via Intstagramhttp://@nancykbuyrequest and Facebook  It was so wonderful to have you all with me last year.  I felt like I was hugged everyday.





Goodness knows what got into me but here I am with my tickets purchased, Air BnB’s rented and tours booked.  I will be blogging these next few weeks leading up to my trip as well as blogging during my trip.  Look for emails letting you know an update has been posted to my website.
  I look forward to sharing my journey with you!
“Time to get Stamped!”
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