A Girl’s Guide for Packing Abroad

A Girl’s Guide for Packing Abroad

A Girls Right To Shoes

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Oh my gosh! I HAVE TO PACK MYSELF!!!

Don’t they have people I can hire to do that?!

In addition to flying on my outbound and inbound flights, I will be taking a flight from Naples to Barcelona on Ryan Air.  Last time I traveled on that airline I had to pay 100 Euro EXTRA for my suitcase because of the size and weight. So, first things first – What luggage should I purchase for my trip? I investigated Rimowa luggage.  The Creme de la creme.  (how do I say that in Italian??) The Samsonite knockoff may just have to do.:)

That said, the weight of the luggage is molto importane.  That will determine how many shoes I can take on my trip!

Based on my itinerary and the terrain, I will need a good walking sandal, sneaker and a loafer.  I am so grateful that heavy, lug sole shoes – really, lets call it like it is- ugly shoes – are in fashion.  There is a fine line between “earthy/ugly” and “cool girl edgy”.  I think I managed to stay within those lines.

I also have to take two pair of going out shoes AND I need to leave room in my suitcase for new purchases.

My clothes won’t take up that much room.  In truth, I only need to pack for one week because I can do laundry.  The only downside to that are photos of yourself.  Can’t have two months worth of selfies in repeat outfits 😉

What’s a girl to do??!!

Cute & comfortable slip on from Uggs. I loved the color.

What will make the cut

  1. Three pair of White Jeans

    A staple of my Dallas wardrobe, they will be a staple in Italy & Spain.

  2. One pair of denim jeans & one pair of chinos

    Can’t live without my Rag & bone crop kick flares!  I also need Vince chinos.

  3. Nine Tees/Casual shirts

    One for every day of the week plus backup.

  4. Nine going out tops

    A girl’s gotta have some choices plus there are those photos to be taken an posted!

  5. Three pair of shorts

    I normally don’t wear shorts but it will be hot where I am going.  Plus, there is the beach.

  6. One cute dress

    Everyone needs to have at least one cute dress, right? I am planning on getting on the Italian and Spanish version of Tinder:)

  7. Bathing suits, coverups, flip flops
  8. Two summer sweaters/ One cardi/ One shawl

    Not sure if I will need “air conditioned warmth” but these are good to have when traveling.

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