2018 Shopping Trip in Florence – The Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway

2018 Shopping Trip in Florence – The Ultimate Girlfriend Getaway

All our fashion friends at half price or more

nestled in the hills of Tuscany


you have the Buy Request Team to guide you to


A dream come true!

Where to start??! THIS gives me so much energy!!
Where to start??! THIS gives me so much energy!!
Also known as the Prada Outlet
Also known as the Prada Outlet

Gucci and Prada and Tod’s oh my! An Aquazurra shoe has caught my eye! Missoni, Botegga, Valentino and more.

Please join your Buy Request Team for the


Florence Italy


June 21- June 27 2018

We will fly from Dallas on the 21st and arrive in Rome on June 22.  The train takes us to Florence where we begin our journey.  That first day while we are fighting jet lag, we’ll take in the the sights and sounds of Florence.  Perhaps a visit to the Piti Palace, maybe a museum, definitely lunch and vino. Lot’s of Vino della casa


The official work on the itinerary begins once I arrive in Florence this summer but so far, the outline looks something like this:

Two days of outlet mall shopping.  One day for the Prada outlet and one day for The Mall.

There are so many talented craftsman and artisans in Florence.  I am looking forward to sourcing the best and most appropriate product for you.  We will spend a day visiting all sorts of off the beaten path fabulous boutiques and artisans in town.

Fashion sightseeing is A MUST! The Ferragamo & Gucci  museum are not to be missed.

I will be “preshopping” a couple of cooking classes during my time in Florence as I want to add that to the 2018 itinerary.

We need time to see all the iconic statues (The David) and tour the museums.

One multi city day trip to the medieval town of San Gimignano then tasting specialties in Siena and ending with a dinner in a Chianti countryside location with wine tasting.  I will be taking this excursion this summer.  If it is as good as the description, we will do it as a group.

Husbands & boyfriends are invited to join us.  I can source fabulous menswear at great prices for them.

EVERYONE will land back home with a fabulous Italian flair!

Space will be limited for this maiden voyage.  Please let me know if you are interested in going.  I will source product accordingly.

I have a tour guide in Florence who will help me put the whole trip together including hotels, meals, tours, etc.  Stay tuned for pricing.