Buy Request is the Ultimate Must-Have Accessory for women and men who want to look fabulous every day. Nancy, founder of Buy Request, has quickly become the secret weapon of many well-dressed women and men in Dallas - Fort Worth and beyond. She brings her 25 plus years in the luxury retail market (Neimans, Saks, Barneys) into your closet where everyone receives her trademark "wardrobe customization" treatment to hone in on your unique style, creating a one-of-a-kind, head-to-toe, age-appropriate and effortless attire.

An initial session involves a total evaluation and reorganization of your closet. Buy Request will coordinate outfits for every occasion and update classics into the current year's trends. They'll help you donate/consign, pruning you wardrobe down to only the best. Then, they'll shop (you can come along or not) and fill in the gaps. Next season: repeat!

"Imagine you don't have to shop and beautiful clothes arrive and fit perfectly. I make life stress free when it comes to clothes," says Nancy. "It's very addicting."

Nancy is known for maximizing your wardrobe budget by focusing on classic-yet-chic pieces that will last approximately five seasons (say goodbye to spending too much on clothes you'll never wear!) Deliciously, Buy Request fuses shopping with pampering; you'll feel like a princess (or prince) as a pair of consultants usher you through carefully selected stores you don't lift a finger (just model gorgeous clothes).

Oh, and shhhh: Nancy's got a secret "vintage" source that you won't want to miss it's the hippest way to look smashing and sophisticated at your next soiree.

After Buy Request is done with your closet (expect 10-12 hours/season), you'll look like you walked off the designer floor at Neiman Marcus no matter what you have!

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Nancy Klompus, your stylish new best friend!